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Black Sage Honey

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Lightly Strained Raw Honey from our happy bees. Our Black Sage honey has some herbal notes but don't expect it to taste like sage leaves; it has some bright, almost pepper flavors, but is still a very mild honey with a thick mouthfeel. This honey is slow to crystalize, so it has larger Poprock style crystals that can add a bit of a crunch and will melt quickly should you choose to liquify your honey. Sage honey is also extra sweet so you may not need to add as much to cooking or baking if you are looking to reduce your sugar consumption.

All of our honey may crystalize or will be crystalized already. This is because we never heat it to maintain the best flavors. If you would prefer your honey to be more liquid, just simmer in a pan of water until just melted. (Think of it like melting butter, but not burning it.)